Saturday, June 8, 2013

The inner workings and deep thoughts of ... my doorknob.

The doorknob on our most-used exterior door had become loose and jiggled around distressingly whenever we opened the door.  It wasn't obvious immediately how to fix this - it's all smooth with no obvious screws.  Until I took a close look in good light and saw this tiny little hole:
So I went and grabbed a whole pile of different size screwdrivers including the trusty hex set:
And sure enough, an itty-bitty hex key fit in the hole and loosened the outer knob.  Knob?  It's a lever-style door handle which is a great choice when you're trying to get through a door with armloads of stuff and haven't got enough free fingers to wrap around and turn a traditional knob.  But I don't think doorlever is actually an accepted term so I guess it's a doorknob regardless of it's distinctly un-knoblike shape.  Anyway...
Allowing me to slide the knob off entirely:

 And then the base piece popped off without a whimper:
And there, finally, were the loose screws hiding underneath it all.  A quick tightening....
Then reverse the steps above and Hallelujah!  a functioning doorknobleverthingie.  And now these notes ensure that I'll remember exactly what to do when this happens again in a few years!
Little by little the home becomes liveable again.

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